Game Tangents Plays Retro: Rayman for Sega Saturn


Join us as we continue our virtual museum tour of games from the past console generations. This week we celebrate the release of Rayman Legends with a retrospective on the Sega Saturn version of the original Rayman from 1995.

Editor’s note  – Due to the difficulty in video capturing Sega Saturn games, this video was shot off-screen and the audio recorded separately. As a result, the audio quality is not the best but this episode is very watchable, nonetheless. Please subscribe to our page or to Enjoy!


Announcing Game Tangents Plays Retro


gtituneslogoWe are starting a new video series where we aim to take you on a virtual museum tour of video games you may have never played, or never heard of before, to get a glimpse of what games from past console generations were like. Sometimes we’ll look at games that are currently getting updates or sequels, while other times we’ll examine games from long enduring franchises. We’ll even throw in a few games long forgotten by the passage of time. So please check back with for more retro gaming nostalgia, or subscribe to our Game Tangents page. Enjoy the videos!


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