About Us

Game Tangents is a professionally run review and news group based in San Diego focusing mainly on Video Games. It started with a bunch of guys and gals who worked together and argued regularly about video games, movies, computer programming, physics, and science fiction. We spent so much time gaming and talking that we decided to turn our conversations into a podcast and Game Tangents was born. Over time, our team built a website to write about the video game industry and to share our opinions about specific video games.

Mark Jamil is the original brainchild of what is now Game Tangents, and is currently the overlord of organization and financing for Game Tangents. Mark suffers from acute nerdophilia and loves to talk about all things video games, comics, movies, physics, and C++. Mark was an IT professional for many years working for several major entities like the military as well as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin until he founded his own company in 2008. His company succeeded beyond expectation and he left his old IT career to focus primarily on his new company. Mark now owns and runs three companies including a real estate investment and operations company, as well as Game Tangents' mother company, Quadrant Studios.

Detailed Bio: Mark Jamil

Anthony Manosalva: My first retail game console as a child was a Mattel Intellivision which released in 1980, if you don't count the Pong system we had sitting around. From there, I spent many hours honing my gaming skills on the ColecoVision and Commodore 64, until finally becoming a Sega fan after the release of the Master System. I have every principle Sega console (except for the Game Gear) released in the U.S., and they all still work to this day. Having little experience with Nintendo software growing up, I never had a Nintendo console until I purchased a Wii in 2007, enabling me to become familiar with some classic gaming franchises I had missed in my adolescence. As you can probably imagine, I have all major current gaming consoles and an adequately powered PC with growing Steam, Origin, and GameFly libraries. Although I prefer games with depth and complexity such as RPGs and strategy games, I enjoy almost every genre imaginable.

Eissa Jamil: He is one of the three original founders of Game Tangents. After graduating from college with a degree in Computer Science, he joined Quadrant Studios as a software developer and the original host on the Game Tangents Podcast. He was fortunate to grow up during the video game boom of the late 90's and 2000's. He enjoyed playing many classics during their prime including the original Half Life which later led him to Counterstrike, Half Life 2, Quake 2, GTA, Starcraft, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, Everquest & Everquest 2. He also had access to a N64 where he enjoyed games like Goldeneye, Tony Hawk 3, and 1080. Eissa still enjoys shooters like Battlefield and strategy games like SimCity and Starcraft 2.

Mike Arevalo: I started playing video games in the original NES era and stuck with gaming until the fall of the mighty Sega Dreamcast in 2001. I took a leave of absence to pursue other artistic goals, until a little title from Irrational Games by the name of BioShock piqued my interest and sent me rocketing back towards the world of interactive entertainment. The combination of storytelling, atmosphere, music, and gameplay had finally reached a threshold that I could no longer ignore. I proceeded to purchase all consoles on the market in order to catch up with any other great games I may have missed. Obsessed with this new form of storytelling, I took it upon myself to learn more about the studios that produce these games, the great minds behind them, and the communities they cultivate. After marinating in game industry culture for a few years, I felt that it was time to produce something on my own and contribute what I can back to the community. This resulted in Eissa and I starting the Game Tangents Podcast out of my parents’ garage in the summer of 2012 before graduating to a full independent studio in early 2013.

Oh yeah, I’m also a Computer Scientist and Indie Game Developer. ;P

Nick Cepeda: I started my ventures in gaming when I was very young. From the moment my dad introduced me to a NES and Mario, to the day I bought my very first console for myself, a Sony PlayStation, I've grown with the gaming industry as a prevalent part of my childhood. Since then I've had my hand in almost every generation video games have had to offer. I'm always open to discussion about any topic involving gaming. Although I don't play many sports games, I tend to dwell in almost every gaming genre from action, to adventure, to shooters, to strategy, and so on. My ambitions are to someday move into the game development field and create a game that you all may enjoy in the future. For now, I share my passion with you all in the form of writing and in our weekly podcast to bring you gaming news and reviews.

Taylor McWhorter: Video games have been a part of my life even before I could speak. Who would have thought that sitting on the floor watching my dad play would foreshadow my interests now? Video games have been a constant, I make an attempt to keep up with current releases that pique my interest. My favorite games are the ones that provide hours upon hours of excitement, and also have a story I can really invest in. While I love playing video games and play them as often as possible, my chosen career field isn't involved in them. I'm currently pursuing a Theater Arts degree (I'm almost done!) and aspire to be a wig stylist.