Podcast 86: Wii U Month Starts Now

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0:00:00 Intro and Ross Faries announcements What We're Playing 0:05:34 Tropico 5 0:12:42 Dark Souls 0:28:19 Fire Emblem: Awakening 0:29:42 Time and Eternity 0:32:23 Light's End 0:35:17 Deadfall Adventures Demo 0:38:30 Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition News 0:42:06 Microsoft's Xbox One launch lineup in Japan 0:45:41 Microsoft is committed to Rare and Lionhead 0:47:30 Microsoft and Perfect World team to bring games to China Game Announcements 0:50:55 Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is out on PC 0:51:55 Plants Vs. Zombies 2 new medieval DLC 0:53:25 Civilization Revolution 2 announced 0:55:16 Alien: Isolation is 1080P for Xbox One and PS4 0:56:40 Feminist activism and Rainbow Six: Siege 1:09:54 Satoru Iwata had medical surgery and Nintendo shows confidence in the Wii U 1:13:26 Mario Kart 8 sells 2 million copies 1:14:02 Iwata was re-elected President of Nintendo Wii U Month Starts Now 1:15:40 Some Wii U impressions 1:18:46 Mario and Sonic and the Olympic Winter Games 2014 1:20:11 Nintendo Land 1:26:13 Monster Hunter 3 Demo 1:29:24 Zombie U Demo 1:34:41 Final Wii U impressions and closing announcements

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  1. The right analogue only seems weird because you’re used to Sony and MS controllers. The left analogue of Xbox controllers probably feels weird to Sony gamers, and the lower left analogue of Dualshock controllers probably feels weird to MS gamers.

    It’s the same thing with Nintendo. You’ll get used to the analogues being above, and after a while you’ll probably end up PREFERRING them above the buttons. I know I do. It’s the perfect natural resting position of the thumbs. When I play PS4, it’s an awkward stretch to move the analogues.

    As for Monster Hunter 3 Ulimate, you really have to play for a while to get the hang of it. It’s an RPG, with a very advanced and nuanced combat system. The demo does it VERY little justice. Heavy weapons like lances and great swords are horrible for beginners. You need dual blades or long sword for starting out.

    Trust me when I say, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of THE funnest video games ever conceived. But you have to invest the time to get good at the game. All those little things you’re complaining about now, are what make the game good. It all plays into the strategy of combat. Knowing your animation frame lengths, knowing your sheathing/unsheathing time lengths. Knowing how to track a monster wherever it’s at (there are potions to reveal their position), etc.

    Monster Hunter is a game that you CANNOT play for 15 minutes and understand why it’s fun. Play for a few hours and hunt a few real monsters, play online and learn how to function as a team, hunting monsters with efficiency. THAT’S when it gets its meat-hooks in you.

    EVERYONE says they don’t like Monster Hunter after their first half hour of play time. But after 10-15 hours into the game, EVERYONE says it’s the best video game they’ve ever played. Take my advice. Play the game and don’t give up on it. You’ll thank me when you’re 600+ hours into the game and skipping meals because you can’t put down the controller!

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