Podcast 83: The Pre-E3 Inundation

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Podcast 83: The Pre-E3 Inundation

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0:00:00 Intro
What We're Playing
0:02:00 Mark is still playing Dark Souls
0:06:50 Plants Vs. Zombies 2
0:10:02 Deadlight
0:11:14 Puzzle Quest
0:12:25 Time and Eternity
0:13:35 Killer Instinct for Xbox One
0:17:02 Anthony started playing Dark Souls
0:29:44 Doom 3: BFG Edition
0:31:06 Defiance MMO
0:38:47 Alien: Colonial Marines
Game Announcements
0:41:15 Batman: Arkham Knight delayed
0:43:38 The Witcher 3 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel get release dates
0:50:40 Dead Rising 3 and Fable: Anniversary are coming to PC
1:00:40 Battlefield: Hardline, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix, Disney's Fantasia: Music Evolved, Forza 5: Racing Game of the Year get release dates
1:04:13 Forza Horizon 2 announced for Xbox One and 360
1:06:22 Mortal Kombat X announced and Homefront gets a sequel
1:09:13 Tropico 5 sells big
1:11:30 Watch Dogs is the biggest new Ubisoft title
1:13:23 Mario Kart 8 posts big sales numbers
1:14:38 New Angry Birds Star Wars 2 levels announced
1:16:29 Phantasy Star Online 2 translated for Asian market ONLY
1:19:29 Xbox One getting 35 new apps
1:20:38 PSP discontinued in Japan
1:24:05 Twitch is the official E3 broadcaster, but Game Tangents will also cover E3 live!!!
1:27:09 Some final thoughts about E3 2014

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