Podcast 81: The Pre-E3 Doldrums

Show Hosts: Mark Eissa Anthony Podcast 81 Episode 81 Download Subscribe: itunes-logorss
Editor's Note: Due to some technical difficulty there is some crackling throughout the podcast. We are sorry for the audible inconvenience and we will work to correct the problem in the future. Intro (0:00-1:09) What We're Playing Age of Wonders 3 and recording game play video (1:09-4:04) Banished (4:04-5:57) Mark purchased Dark Souls for PC and over-hyped games (5:57-13:13) Tropico 5 (13:13-18:30) More Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Plants Vs. Zombies 2 (18:30-22:00) Call of Duty: Ghosts and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (22:00-25:10) More Suikoden (25:10-28:35) Sonic Adventure (28:35-29:44) Haunt for Xbox 360 and Kinect (29:44-32:54) Time and Eternity for PS3 (32:54-43:30) Steam's In Home Streaming service evaluation (43:30-57:27) Sony's PlayStation Now service beta extension and Mark's programming hypothesis (57:27-1:07:15) Game Announcements Minecraft coming to Vita and new episode of The Wolf Among Us gets a release date (1:08:35-1:11:07) News Halo Master Chief Collection rumor (1:11:07-1:14:18) Xbox One gets external hard drive support and Skype update (1:14:18-1:18:05) Nintendo closes online service for DS and Wii and Hyrule Warriors announcement (1:18:05-1:21:35) Steam touts size of library and shovelware (1:21:35-1:23:42) Youtube buying Twitch? (1:23:42-1:29:45) Vivendi further distances itself from Activision (1:29:45-1:31:50) Net Neutrality developments (1:31:50-1:46:25) Some more E3 predictions, hopes, and expectations (1:46:25-2:10:39) Some G-Tan and Faries content announcements and new summer movies (2:10:39-end)

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