Podcast 80: Xbox One without Kinect, NPDs, and Suikoden

Show Hosts: Mark Eissa Anthony Helen Podcast 80 Episode 80 Download Subscribe: itunes-logorss
Editor's Note: During the Take Two financial conversation, we mistakenly associate Take Two with Bungie's Destiny; we are well aware that Activision is publishing this title. Sorry for the mistake, but this is what happens when you mix unpreparedness with exhaustion. Intro and the return of Helen! (0:00-1:10) What We Are Playing Plants Vs. Zombies (1:10-2:55) More Alien Syndrome, Crystal Defenders, and Phantasy Star Portable on PSP (2:55-5:24) Sacred Citadel Demo (5:24-6:28) Banished (6:28-23:10) King's Bounty: Armored Princess and a little Might & Magic Heroes (23:10-31:11) Suikoden (31:11-40:00) Kinect Sports Rivals (40:00-44:30) Screwattack announcement and Faries videos (44:30-48:34) News Ubisoft financials, sales numbers, and resolution gate (48:34-59:58) Konami financials and EA execs sell off some stock (59:58-1:03:38) Take Two financials and news (1:03:38-1:13:14) More Sony numbers and news (1:13:14-1:20:19) The Nintendo Tomodachi Life controversy (1:20:19-1:36:26) NPD numbers for April and Sunset Overdrive (1:36:26-1:43:05) Microsoft removes Kinect from Xbox One package and their business wisdom (1:43:05-2:00:09) Microsoft removes Gold Membership requirement for Netflix and new Games with Gold (2:00:09-2:03:23) Halo 5: Guardians announcement and a few E3 predictions (2:03:23-end)

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