Podcast 79: PS2 classic Dark Cloud, Sunset Overdrive, and Financial News

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Podcast 79

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Intro (0:00-1:07)
What We're Playing
Plants Vs. Zombies 2 (1:07-4:52)
Dark Cloud for PS1 (4:52-13:26)
Fallout: New Vegas and Mark's college classes (13:26-20:35)
Faries' Persona 3 and 4 video reviews (20:35-23:38)
PSN game sales and console deals (23:38-28:10)
Crystal Defenders for PSP (28:10-31:38)
Sonic Adventure for PS3 (31:38-34:23)
Phantasy Star Portable and Alien Syndrome (34:23-37:54)
Star Wars: Empire at War (37:54-44:31)
Dying Light and Elder Scrolls Online get delayed (44:31-53:53)
Microsoft may be resurrecting a "well loved" franchise (53:53-56:53)
New Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby (56:53-59:21)
Nintendo and China's emerging market (59:21-1:05:49)
Dark Souls sales numbers (1:05:49-1:07:40)
Sunset Overdrive (1:05:49-1:12:30)
Financial News
Electronic Arts (1:12:30-1:23:15)
Activision and Blizzard (1:23:15-1:27:05)
Nintendo (1:27:05-1:32:40)
Capcom and Square Enix (1:32:40-end)

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