Podcast 78: Driveclub coming, COD Advanced Warfare announced, and Star Wars

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Podcast 78

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Intro and movies (0:00-2:20)
What We're Playing
Fallout: New Vegas (2:20-13:08)
Plants vs. Zombies 2 (13:08-21:56)
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (21:56-23:45)
Tropico 4 (23:45-33:00)
Minecraft (33:00-35:45)
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack G-Tan Plays Retro (36:52-38:15)
Alien Syndrome PSP, Phantasy Star Portable PSP, Guild Wars 2, and the original Mortal Kombat (38:15-42:00)
Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition for Genesis (42:00-45:06)
Star Wars: Empire at War (45:06-55:30)
Game Announcements
Marvel is coming to Disney Infinity (55:30-58:30)
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare coming to PC (58:30-1:00:00)
More Minecraft news (1:00:00-1:02:06)
Driveclub gets a release date (1:02:06-1:06:16)
Destiny cross platform saves (1:06:16-1:08:00)
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare announced (1:08:00-1:10:51)
H1Z1 from SOE (1:10:51-1:13:40)
Sony news - Grim financial report and recent PS4 updates (1:13:40-1:25:00)
Game news
Atari E.T. cartridge excavation and Xbox T.V. (1:25:00-1:29:05)
Xbox One and Major League Gaming are coming to China (1:29:05-1:38:49)
Nintendo will not do an E3 2014 press conference (1:38:49-1:42:55)
Stats for the number of Americans that play video games (1:42:55-1:56:15)
The real Pip-Boy 3000 (1:56:15-1:58:46)
Star Wars Expanded Universe is no longer canon (1:58:46-2:04:00)
Ross Faries joins Game Tangents announcement (2:04:00-end)

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