Gaming History…ALTERED! Episode 4


What would have happened to the video game industry if Shigeru Miyamoto hadn’t found success? How would gaming have changed if Nintendo didn’t become a global phenomenon? In Gaming History…ALTERED! Episode 4, these questions put forth the premise where in this alternate reality, Sega and NEC battle it out for gaming dominance, JRPGs reign supreme, and Super Mario style platformers remain an unexplored art form. Please watch and enjoy this entertaining “What if?” scenario in this latest Faries and Game Tangents series.



Gaming History…ALTERED! Episode 4

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  1. Fun Episode but… I don’t agree with the lack of diversity. Most of the innovation that came to consoles originated on the PC by hardware manufacturers and said hobbyists that you mentioned in your episode. Those PC inspired games would have come about regardless of Ninny and would have resulted in games on whatever console was available for development. The only change, ihmo is with Nintendo exclusives but everything else would have transpired similar to today except for 1 thing — The leadership at Sega was not the same at Ninny.

    The Sega guys were big risk takers and were willing to go into enormous debt while Ninny always played it safe financially. Recall that even when Ninny was outclassed in modern Gen 3 (N64), they didnt try to overcome the Sony monster and made the Game Cube a low end console on purpose to keep it profitable. Sega on the other hand, always tried for a home run and was willing to risk it all to make it happen. Sega may just have gone under again in your alternative universe as they did in our real one when Microsoft hit the scene. Who knows.

    Great Video.

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