Podcast 77 – Net Neutrality, Minecraft News, Console Emulators, Civ 5, and Fallout: New Vegas

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Podcast 77

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Podcast 77

Intro (0:00-0:40)
Fatal Frame and Silent Hill announcements (0:40-7:09)
Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition coming to Android (7:09-13:25)
Dragon Age: Inquisition gets a release date (13:25-14:25)
Wasteland 2 (14:25-16:50)
X-Com Enemy Unknown (16:50-22:30)
Assassin's Creed sells big (22:30-23:26)
Lots of Minecraft news (23:26-31:36)
Gamespy is closing down (32:43-34:36)
Xbox One deals and what they mean for Xbox (34:36-40:39)
Xbox One launching in Japan (40:39-42:50)
Gamestop is closing down stores (42:50-46:40)
More Hyperkin Retron 5 console emulators and ethics (46:40-1:06:00)
Net Neutrality (1:06:00-1:14:15)
Mark talks about Fallout: New Vegas (1:14:15-1:33:31)
Age of Wonders 3 (1:33:31-1:35:30)
Eissa talks about what he isn't playing (1:35:30-1:38:00)
Anthony talks a lot of Civilization 5 (1:38:00-1:58:53)
Torchlight 2 and Guild Wars 2 (1:58:53-2:10:25)
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel pre-impressions (2:10:25-2:14:10)
Game Tangents teaser announcement (2:14:10-close)

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