Podcast 75 – Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, Free-to-play games issue, and Hyperkin

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Podcast 75 - The old guys take the reigns

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Podcast 75

Intro (0:00-2:02)
Mark talks Diablo 3's new rules (2:02-8:55)
Civ 5 (8:55-12:45)
Guild Wars 2 (13:00-13:46)
Call of Duty Ghosts (13:46-17:00)
Torchlight 2, Suikoden, Alien Syndrome on PSP, and Phantasy Star 0 for DS, etc. (17:00-21:02)
Announcement of G-Tan Plays Retro: Strider for Sega Master System (21:02-22:02)
Infamous Second Son (22:02-25:16)
Minecraft Pocket Edition (25:16-30:25)
The Last of Us on PS4 (30:25-32:20)
Pokemon's insane sales numbers and "juvenile" RPGs (32:20-37:12)
AirMech Arena for Xbox 360 (37:12-39:00)
Dungeon Keeper and the controversy about free-to-play games (39:00-53:10)
Nintendo News - Smash Bros. Wii and 3DS release dates (53:10-57:50)
Orcs Must Die Unchained and FTL (58:50-1:05:39)
Dragon Age Inquisition Kinect functionality and Kinect Sports Rivals reviews (1:05:39-1:16:25)
State of Decay DLC (1:16:25-1:17:58)
Xbox One gets external HDD support and Titanfall releases on 360 (1:17:58-1:22:04)
Killer Instinct's new character and Hyperkin emulators (1:22:04-1:26:33)
E.T. Atari 2600 New Mexico landfill dig on Xbox (1:26:33-1:29:34)
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (1:29:34-end)

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