Podcast 73 – Game Tangents and Bionic Fighters!

This week's podcast has regular hosts Mark and Eissa welcoming special guest and indie developer Jared Gingerich from Imagination Vent. He and his team have just started a new Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming title, Bionic Fighters. Other show topics include all the Rust conversation you could ever want, Sony's new VR announcement and Oculus Rift being purchased by Facebook, and SimCity. Please remember to subscribe to keep up-to-date on the Game Tangents Podcast!
Show Hosts: Marc Eissa Special Guest Host: Jared Gingerich from Imagination Vent Podcast 73 - The old guys take the reigns Episode 73 Download Subscribe: itunes-logorss Podcast 73 Game Tangents and Bionic Fighters

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