Game Tangents Interviews Indie Dev Hinterland Studios – The Long Dark

Game Tangents continues its series of coverage of indie developers with an interview with Raphael van Lierop, founder and creative director of Hinterland Studios, the talented and experienced team behind the anticipated indie title, The Long Dark. On October 16, 2013, Hinterland Studios easily surpassed their Kickstarter goal to fund The Long Dark. Described as a survival-simulation, The Long Dark is a fascinating and exciting looking first-person adventure about a man's struggle to survive in the desolate cold after a geo-magnetic global disaster. After finishing the interview, please head to the bottom of the page and click on the link to view their Kickstarter page so that you can learn more about The Long Dark and view some gameplay footage. Game Tangents would like to express our deepest gratitude to Raphael and the entire Hinterland team for taking some time to answer our questions. Game Tangents Interviews Indie Dev Hinterland Studios - The Long Dark
G-Tan: What was the inspiration behind the artistic style of the game? Raphael: Originally I was inspired by the simple watercolour illustrations of children’s book author Jon Klassen. This led me down the creative path of exploring how to create a beautifully simple design that would capture the atmosphere of the harsh wilderness but without sacrificing the feeling of beauty, the majesty of it. Hokyo (Lim, Hinterland’s art director) took that starting point and added his own flavour to it, to come up with his own unique visual direction. G-Tan: What kind of research went into making sure The Long Dark's focus on survival in the wilderness was as realistic as possible? Raphael: We have a library of survival guides we used as a starting point, but in the end we enlisted the help of Chris Fragassi, a wilderness survival instructor and bush pilot. Realism in the simulation isn't actually a goal, as much as creating something that feels authentic and has the depth to explore individual survival elements -- stuff as simple as how to start a fire -- with a level of detail that makes each gameplay action and player choice interesting. Research is ongoing. In terms of the look and feel of the world, the team has spent time on Vancouver Island, where Hinterland is headquartered, getting a feel for the style of wilderness and sparse in-habitation you encounter in this part of the world.
G-Tan: How will meeting other survivors be throughout the game? How strong will the emphasis be on choice as far as other survivors you associate yourself with? Raphael: We want to create a sense of tension, but also hopefulness, about every survivor encounter. They are not simply fodder or targets for you to dispatch -- they could hold life-saving knowledge about the location of supply caches, or useful landmarks you need to navigate the world, or even skills or supplies you can trade for. Of course, some will actively try to kill you. But The Long Dark isn't an action game. The player’s primary interface with the game is not through a gun, but rather, through the choices they make about how they choose to survive -- both in terms of the mechanics of how they manage resources and navigate the physical dangers of the world, but also how they navigate the moral landscape. G-Tan: We've seen survival elements in recent games, a big one being The Last of Us. How will things like crafting, survival, and even combat be different? Raphael: The Last of Us is a tremendous game with incredible production values, but for me it feels and plays more like an action game than a survival game. Combat in The Long Dark will be something so deadly that you prefer to avoid it at all costs. Exploration of the world and survival against the hostile elements of nature is the heart and soul of the game. The Long Dark is a lot more about what happens leading up to combat than it is about what happens when the guns come out. G-Tan: What will be the overarching focus of The Long Dark? Will players be working to return to civilization or will it primarily be focused on surviving and the area you've become utterly forced to adapt in? Raphael: The immediate focus will be on your survival in your local environment, but over time as you learn more about what is going on, you’ll start to become invested in the larger world to the extent that you will very much need to push beyond your comfort zone. The game and story aren't so much about a return to civilization, but rather, an exploration of the more intimate, the more personal question about how far *you* will go to survive. G-Tan: Hinterland consists of a team that is pretty familiar to the triple-A industry of video games. What is the transition like now being in an independent studio? Raphael: Full of excitement and a bit of fear, definitely. We know how to make games but doing so as independent developers is definitely a new experience for us. Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities to learn. I would say we’re fiercely independent by nature so being on our own is a very good fit for our culture. But I think this is more a state of mind in how we approach our work, than really a specific statement of our funding arrangement or the fact we are responsible for all our own decision-making. I think we’d function this same way in any context. It’s just where we’re at in our careers, and one of the main things that drove us to start Hinterland. G-Tan: You guys were lucky enough to hit your goal but also a little more. Was there ever any doubt, fear, etc., during that last week of not knowing what was going to happen? Raphael: Kickstarter is a strange beast and I don’t think we took anything for granted throughout the process. I think we worked very hard for the funds we raised, but we’re most happy about the incredible community that has emerged around the game and we draw a lot of inspiration and energy from them. I think we went into the Kickstarter expecting to hit our goal earlier, but once we started the process our only goal was to cross the finish line, which we did, so mission accomplished. G-Tan: You've gotten 2 awesome voice actors joining the cast: Jennifer Hale, most known for the female Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series, and also David Hayter of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. What can you tell us about them joining the team, and what characters are they going to be playing? Raphael: We actually have 4 awesome voice actors -- Mark Meer, Elias Toufexis, Jennifer Hale, and David Hayter. We’re not ready to get into too much detail about their specific roles or the story in general beyond what we've shared, but I think our fans will be pretty pleased with what we have in store for them.

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  1. The TLD [The Long Dark] Kickstarter campaign is finished (but will give great info about the project) — but crowdfunding participation also continues at

    For real gaming techies, TLD will also be supporting Oculus Rift game play.

    The developers have been amazing with regular updates, and the TLD community continues to grow every day. There’s a lot of excitement with every update for The Long Dark, and there’s still time to jump in.

    Alpha game version release for backers is tentatively slated for spring 2014, and the backers Beta release is slated for summer 2014 — definitely consider one of the alpha/beta backing tiers to get your hands on the game long before its public release.

    The backers physical goods (a lot of great stuff including signed artwork, posters, and TLD t-shirts to name just a few items) are already being prepared for shipping so most backers should receive them before Xmas if you get in on time.

    They’re really close hitting the 3rd stretch goal to have the game translated in German, Italian, French, and Spanish. We would also get the TLD Radio Play with award-winning voice talents like Mark Meer, Elias Toufexis, Jennifer Hale, and David Hayter pulled into the sound studio to create a radio play from The Long Dark universe.

    The 4th stretch goal International Reach, Phase 2 — All game text translated + subtitles in Russian, Swedish, Finnish, and Dutch.

    As one of the ordinary backers, I can say TLD is really gaining momentum and international buzz. You can check out some of the TLD discussions at the Hinterland Forum:

    There’s still time to join the rest of us, and become part of The Long Dark – Remind all your friends they can still get in on the action too!

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