Disney Worlds Game Tangents Would Like to See in Kingdom Hearts

If you are a regular visitor to Game Tangents, or if you follow our weekly podcast, you may already know that most of the crew are fanatical about Disney. For episode 54, the veritable cadre of Disney experts assembled together to contemplate which Disney worlds they would most like to see in a Kingdom Hearts game. What they came up with was profound, poignant, and unimpeachably interesting. The eminent polymaths of everything Disney cobbled together a list marked with prodigious creativity and genre-specific acumen, then decided to commit their thoughts to the digital print of the internet which can be viewed and enjoyed below.

Disney Worlds Mike Would Like to See in Kingdom Hearts


Being a HUGE Disney parks fan and having seen the newest Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer where both The Electrical Parade and Big Thunder Mountain were represented, I would like to see Disneyland itself as an entire land that we may visit. There could be some clever plot points where King Mickey needs to return to Disneyland to collect some kind of special artifact that will help in the fight against the Heartless. Maybe Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen head? 😛 We would only be able to visit original attractions in Disneyland such as The Haunted Mansion, The Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Jungle Cruise. These attractions are not based on movies, but in some cases, movies are based on the attractions. Such is the case in Pirates of the Caribbean. Since Jack Sparrow was added to the ride, there could also be a plot point in Kingdom Hearts 3 where Jack Sparrow needs to go back to the attraction to find a map that will lead to the artifact that we are looking for, perfectly tying in the game with the movie and the ride! DO IT, SQUARE ENIX! Just don’t take a console generation and a half.

Disney Worlds Nick Would Like to See in Kingdom Hearts

The Princess and the Frog

This world just seems so naturally fitting considering the main protagonist of the movie is a shadow-filled voodoo master. Naturally, the villain would be a perfect fit for another general of the Heartless army. I'm still not sure who on the hero's side would be the party member that joins you, but I'm fairly sure that this world would be almost a perfect fit to the universe. Not to mention Tiana could join the ranks as a princess to be saved.

Disney Worlds Eissa Would Like to See in Kingdom Hearts

Wreck-It Ralph

Based on my limited experience with Kingdom Hearts, I really can't say much else other then "I love Disney." On that note, I think adding a Wreck-It Ralph movie-like world would be an excellent addition to the game with several potential game twists given the vast quantity of awesome characters in the Wreck-It Ralph movie.

Disney Worlds Taylor Would Like to See in Kingdom Hearts

Atlantis or Wall-E

Sure, there's an underwater area in Kingdom Hearts based on The Little Mermaid, but if you've seen Atlantis, you'd know that not everyone is swimming underwater; it's a city that happens to be underground in a remote area. Why couldn't Atlantis be in Kingdom Hearts? It's a beautiful area and there are a bunch of things you could do like riding those flying things that require the crystals, climbing stuff... and other.. stuff. It would be a cool idea! Wall-E would be another easy one, being that it's on a ship that is in space. I am always down for everything in space. SPAAAACE. Anyway, I would love to see that adorable robot in Kingdom Hearts, then help him do what is needed to get everyone to Earth. Maybe we can even take it from the beginning of the movie when Wall-E is on Earth, then go to the ship with him. Heartless could easily be terrorizing Earth, or be on AUT-O's side trying to keep everyone from returning to Earth, while Sora has to fight alongside Wall-E and EVE to save the day. I could see this working.

Disney Worlds Anthony Would Like to See in Kingdom Hearts

The Incredibles

The combination of The Incredibles with the Kingdom Hearts universe just makes perfect sense. In a world populated with super-powered people, the addition of a magical Goofy and Donald alongside their superhero and series protagonist pal, Sora, would be a fitting theater for a little Disney versus Square Enix mayhem. Imagine traversing and exploring the urban landscape of Metorville, teaming up with Frozone to take down the Underminer in a boss battle, or helping the Parr family thwart a Heartless invasion. Introducing one of my favorite gaming franchises to one of my favorite Disney movies presents the opportunity to explore some exciting and limitless gameplay possibilities. And for all of those who are skeptical about the aesthetic viability behind the merger of these two worlds, just remember that Square Enix was able to pull-off seamlessly integrating the Kingdom Hearts universe with Tron.

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