Win Some Free Games From Game Tangents

We're giving away some PC Steam and Origin game keys, and we have a huge selection of great titles to choose from. BUT WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. We are offering new and old subscribers several ways to procure a free PC game. The following list details the various ways you could win some free games from Game Tangents:
  • Go onto and view our special tribute to Tom Clancy: Game Tangents Plays Retro - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six for Sega Dreamcast video, and leave a comment in the comment section about your favorite Tom Clancy game (you have to be a subscriber to leave a comment - please be polite). The first 5 commenters will get to select one of the PC games listed in the 3 tiers below. This offer is for a limited time only, so what are you waiting for?

  • Have you ever wanted to publish a video game review on a professional website and indulge in the spotlight? Here is your opportunity! Submit a video game review in the e-mail inbox - The Game Tangents editors will then read and select one user submitted game review as the winner PER MONTH! The winner will get to choose three PC games from some of the games listed below and future tiers of game keys to be posted at a later date.

  • Have you watched any of our Game Tangents Plays Retro or Indie series? If you would like for us to do a Retro or Indie video, let us know and win a free PC game. Just leave a suggestion for us to make a video for the game you want to see us play on any of our Retro or Indie videos comment sections. The person who's game suggestion gets made into a Retro or Indie video wins one PC game key from the 3 tiers below, or from future tiers to be listed at a later date.

There you have it. It's easy to win, but keep in mind that you need a Steam or Origin account to be able to redeem some of these game codes. Good luck! -Game Tangents

Tier 1

  • Dead Space 3 - Origin
  • Dead Space - Origin
  • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box - Steam
  • C & C: Red Alert 3 Uprising - Origin
  • Mirror's Edge - Steam
  • Thomas Was Alone - Steam
  • Capsized -Steam
  • Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood -Amazon
  • Brutal Legend - Steam
  • Eets Munchies Beta - Steam
  • Tier 2

  • Dead Space -Origin
  • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box - Origin
  • C & C: Red Alert 3 Uprising - Steam
  • Mirros's Edge - Origin
  • Brutal Legend - Steam
  • Battlefield 3 - Origin
  • Little Inferno - Steam
  • Awsomenauts - Steam
  • Proteus - Steam
  • Trine 2 - Steam

  • Tier 3

    Dead Space – Steam Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box – Steam Mirror's Edge – Steam Brutal Legend – Steam Battlefield 3 – Origin Crysis 2 Maximum Editon – Origin Alan Wake – Steam Alan's Wake's American Nightmare – Steam Hotline Miami – Steam Limbo - Steam

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