Game Tangents Interviews Knite & The Ghost Lights Dev Mobot Studios

Knite & The Ghost Lights is a title that gamers might want to take notice of. Using a unique amalgamation of techniques by combining graphics created from real-world hand-crafted models with stop-motion animation, Knite & The Ghost Lights is an adventure brought to life through the medium of interactive video games. Game Tangents recently got the privilege to interview the creative team behind this anticipated indie title, Mobot Studios. They are currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign designed to help fund the develpment of Knite & The Ghost Lights. Please read and enjoy our conversation with Mobot Studios, then check out their Kickstarter page by clicking the link below.

G-Tan: What's the story of Knite & The Ghost Lights? Mobot: Our lead artist is the mastermind behind the world of Mistland, he’s literally been working on it for years, and in fact there’s so much depth that if you’re really curious I recommend you check out our official Mistland wiki. But the short version is that Knite (the game’s main character) is a marsh imp who’s a sort of protector of the Mistland forests. And in addition to having a very cool cast of supporting characters (the witch sisters, Xavier, Wilhelm, etc.) which you’ll meet throughout the game, Knite also has some interesting powers related to the musical melodies that he plays to help save lost souls. There’s a lot more to tell you of course, but you’ll have to play the game to find out the rest! G-Tan: What can you tell us about the stylistic and gameplay influences during the production of your game? Mobot: As with any piece of art, we've drawn inspiration from many of our favorite movies and games along the way. We’re all huge fans of Tim Burton’s films, of course, which have practically re-defined the whole genre of stop-motion animation. We also love the recent 2D platformer games such as Rayman Origins and Legends, in addition to classics like Metroid and Castlevania… so those are a few influences.
G-Tan: It looks like Knite & The Ghost Lights makes extensive use of photogrammetry in order to create a unique atmosphere for its game world. Since the world is created through models before being scanned and imported into Unity, are the artists 3D modelers or traditional modelers? Mobot: Our lead artists are both traditional modelers/sculptors, and they’re also super creative with techniques for hand painting everything (and sewing miniature clothes)! So we use real clay models to build nearly every element you’ll see in the game vs. building any objects from scratch in something like 3DS Max. G-Tan: How different is it to work with models created traditionally through programs such as Maya or 3DS Max versus using photogrammetry? Mobot: I’m not an expert on photogrammetry, but I think it’s more about 3D models created from photos, and we’re actually using our models to generate 2D objects for the game primarily. The finished product ends up being a combination of sprites mixed with bone animations done in 3D. So if you think about the way the characters behave in the latest Rayman games, that’s more the look you’ll see, except much more photo-realistic, of course! G-Tan: Indie game development has become somewhat of a sub-cultural movement within the broader video game culture. What are your thoughts about this and what does indie gaming and development mean to you? Mobot: That’s a pretty big question to try and answer in one paragraph, but I’ll give it a try. We believe that, first and foremost, good games have to be genuine, and of course fun to play! We’ve all had that experience bonding with those classic games growing up that really left a lasting impression for the rest of our lives. The cool thing about indie games these days is that these new digital distribution models are giving all sorts of creative, new developers a chance to share their much more genuine and less corporate ideas with the world. The technology has also progressed to the point where indie games can also be very high quality, so we think it’s pretty awesome and we’re happy to be a part of it! G-Tan: Thank you for taking the chance to answer a few questions and good luck with the Kickstarter! Mobot: Thank you!

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