Podcast 52 – End of the Season – Battlefield 4 beta and Tom Clancy dies

Show Hosts: Eissa Jamil Nick Cepeda Anthony Manosalva Taylor McWhorter Mike Arevalo Song credit: Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy Episode 52 Download Subscribe: itunes-logorss
Lots of random news to report on this week. We dig into the Battlefield 4 beta with impressions, issues, and dissect the game modes to be released upon the full game. There's also a bit of technical news we discuss concerning Valve's Steam Controller, Grand Theft Auto: Online, Ryse, Killzone: Shadowfall, and Watch Dogs. The rest of the news is random stuff from Half-Life 3 rumors, Super Smash Bros, new Kirby, possibility of a new Bully, Mighty No 9, The Last of Us DLC, and Destiny's beta. Battlefield 4 beta and Tom Clancy dies

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