10 Games that Define My Childhood – Eissa

Tecmo Super Bowl (SNES)

This game was my introduction to sports video games. I remember the frustrations of losing game after game to my older siblings, but better yet, I remember the triumphant feeling of getting that one in a million lucky win against my older siblings. Tecmo Super Bowl helped form my competitive side that leads me to still play sports games today.

Super Mario World

All of the Mario games were a blast, but Super Mario World captivated my interest more than the others. It gave me more options as the player and brought Mario to me in a new, exciting way. Additionally, this game debuted Yoshi, and ever since my first exposure to Yoshi I have always wanted a Yoshi of my own.

1080 Snowboarding

This game was my real entrance into the world of racing games. Soon after receiving this game, I memorized every course and became the best 1080 snowboarder among my group of friends. This game will always hold a special space in my gaming heart.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater (N64)

Alright, I originally played and beat this game on a PlayStation after countless hours spent at my neighbor's house. That didn't stop me from playing through the game several more times after getting a copy of my own for the N64.

Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 & 2

Similar to Mike (my fellow G-TAN host), Rollercoaster Tycoon allowed me to release my creative engineering side. I played this game with two purposes: first, I wanted to create the biggest and most extreme ride possible; second, I played competitively with friends by creating games with the exact same settings and using a deadline to decide who made the most awesome park. Rollercoaster Tycoon can still be found installed on all of my PCs .


This is where I began my transition to becoming a primarily PC gamer. Starcraft allowed for me to compete by deploying my own unique strategies in competitive multiplayer games. After school, you could find me geeking-out, trying to better my Zergling rushes and/or bettering my Terran strategies. This game stole hours upon hours of my childhood and I don't regret that one bit.

Counterstrike 1.6

What can I say other than - BOOM, HEADSHOT! I began by playing Counterstrike 1.4, but it was 1.6 that made me a serious gamer. With the release of Counterstrike 1.6, my friends and I decided to become competitive gamers in national leagues such as CPL, CAL, and OGL. Sadly though, as all things must come to an end, our team began to disband as members became addicted to the new World of Warcraft.

Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3 became my downtime game between Counterstrike practices and matches. With its growing options of custom games and ever fun competitive ladder games, Warcraft 3 was just a great game overall.

Diablo 1 & 2

What can I say about Diablo 2 other than it was a great game? I spent countless hours running through the same caves and dungeons trying to get those sets of items. The loot system in that game was ridiculous, but I still loved the game and will say that Diablo shaped a lot of my childhood. 10 Games that Define My Childhood

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