Games In Our Backlogs We’re Ashamed We Haven’t Finished – Nick and Mike

Recently, the Game Tangents staff cobbled together another list of games for their weekly feature. This time, they are discussing the games in their backlogs they are most ashamed they haven't finished. To hear the spirited conversation, please listen to Podcast 51 - What is Indie? In the meantime, please enjoy the written form below as the staff commits their shame into the ether of the internet, starting with Nick and Mike.

Nick's Backlog Games He's Ashamed He Hasn't Finished



For a game that I enjoy so much so far, I have a hard time sitting down trying to play this game for longer than an hour. There are always too many distractions as well as newer games coming out whenever I have the urge to play Dishonored. From what I've played so far, I find the story intriguing and I wonder how my actions affect the world around me. Eventually, I'll finish this game while the world shouts and cheers me on.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

By now everyone should know that I'm a huge Splinter Cell fan and have played every installment in the series...except for this one. The truth is that I have played Double Agent and actually ended about halfway through the story. I just found this installment the least enjoyable, so far, for me. Not to say that it's bad, it's just not what I expected for the next generation Splinter Cell (OG Xbox to 360 generation leap) and it had a hard time keeping my attention. At this rate, I'll finish Splinter Cell: Blacklist before I get to Double Agent.


Dead Rising 2

Who doesn't love zombies? I played through the original Dead Rising numourous times trying to get a couple of different endings and rediculous achievements. I have started Dead Rising 2 on a few different occasions (and a couple of different platforms) but always end up stopping somewhere around an hour in. That's not to say that Dead Rising 2 is boring, but it's another case of too many games to play while other ones sit and collect dust. With the upcoming release of Dead Rising 3, I plan on finishing up Dead Rising 2 to get a feel for some of the mechanics they inrtoduced and that are making a return for the next installment.

Mike's Backlog Games He's Ashamed He Hasn't Finished

Sleeping Dogs

Now here’s a game that didn't get the recognition it deserved. Originally a True Crime game, Sleeping Dogs suffered through a small development hell with a high budget and multiple delays. But when the game ultimately came out with publisher Square Enix’s backing, the critical reception was much better than anticipated. This was the first time outside of Bruce Wayne's cowl that we had a competent open-world brawler with many combos and finishers to learn. I have enjoyed my time with this game whenever I play it, but whether it comes to smaller bite-sized games, or to other larger open-world games, I can’t seem to get around to actually finishing it.


I've been all about this game for years now. I own it on three different platforms, and I have unused extra keys. But why is it that I can not finish this game? I enjoy it every time I play it, in a sort of mellowed-out macabre kind of way. Perhaps it has to do with the atmosphere that the game creates, causing a slight drowsiness that ultimately ends up with me taking a nap. Not to say that the game is boring, because it isn't. I really want to finish this game, and again I can’t seem to! I am probably more likely to finish Grand Theft Auto 5 before this! Games In Our Backlogs

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