Top 5 PS3 Console Exclusives

The Game Tangents crew recently put together their lists of the top 5 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console exclusives for their milestone podcast - Episode 50: The Big Five-Oh. After a much heated debate, and a few hurt feelings, the team reconciled enough to settle on the following titles that they consider best represents their exclusive platform. They limited the choices to games that can only be played on either the PS3 or Xbox 360, regardless of publisher. Here, Game Tangents discusses their top 5 choices for the Sony PlayStation 3 listed in no particular order.

Uncharted 2

Following the ground-breaking success of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Sony demonstrated meticulous adherence to the philosophy of “Don't fix it if it isn't broken” with Uncharted 2. With the same fast, fluid, and fun gameplay mechanics as its predecessor, Uncharted 2 brings technically superior graphics, bigger set pieces, multiplayer, and a longer campaign to Sony's flagship franchise.

The Last of Us

Although the entire staff might not agree with this pick, The Last of Us offered a lot more than we originally anticipated. An emotional and gritty story, bundled with smooth and stressful gameplay that really made this game stand out from the crowd. What is more intriguing is there's more to be seen and missed within The Last of Us that helps bring some more context to the world that crumbled around you. Surprisingly, you're offered an extremely fun and expanding competitive multiplayer experience that still captures that same essence of struggle you'll feel within the game's core story. Of course, this game still stands as a contender to be game of the year, but without a doubt we had to make sure that this is undeniably the PS3's best exclusive.

Infamous 2

Infamous was a good game, but Infamous 2 took the first game as a starting block, then improved and fleshed-out the gameplay to make it an even better experience. In Infamous 2 players got a vastly larger world with more side quests to do, and would want to do, since they had an effect on the city and gave the player powers and upgrades worth having to become all-powerful. The game also incorporated a lot of decision-making throughout the story, allowing the player to be a "good" Cole vs. an "evil" Cole. With the decision-making, the story was one that the player could become immersed in because they were tailoring the story to their own choices. Infamous 2 improved on what was already a good game but made it bigger and better.


As last year’s Game of the Year, naturally, Journey would be high up on our list. Journey is just that; a story about a robed character finding his/her way towards the light whilst picking up subtle hints of what has happened to the world around him/her. It is a very simple concept that is beautifully executed with its atmosphere, music, and gameplay. Along the way you will meet other strangers who are wandering around the desert who will have no way of communicating with you aside from emitting small bursts of light, which brings about a form of genuine teamwork and attachment. Sure, it might not be the crazy "shoot everything that moves" type of game, but the game evokes a kind of feeling similar to that of peacefully watching the sun set on a cliff overlooking the ocean. There’s beauty in simplicity, and Journey achieves such with flying colors.

God of War 3

As the finale to Kratos’ trilogy, God of War 3 sees the franchise at its peak with its large scale set pieces, tight and rhythmic combat, and altogether impressive visuals. Only few games have been able to match up to the visual fidelity of this game. Sony Santa Monica also managed to pull off quick-time events (a mechanic that many gamers usually cringe at) beautifully as finishing moves to the combat system. There’s nothing quite like climbing the back of a Titan as it, in turn, is climbing up Mount Olympus (yes, you do that in the game!!). Sony Santa Monica really knows how to make a great action game. Top 5 PS3 Console Exclusives

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