Game Tangents’ Most Anticipated Games – Taylor and Anthony

In the Game Tangents Podcast - Episode 48, we discussed our most anticipated games due for release in the near future. We limited our selections to games officially announced, not games we want to see come to fruition, regardless of platform. The following is designed to give each individual G-Tan staff member the opportunity to expound a little about their most anticipated games, continuing with Taylor and Anthony.

– Taylor McWhorter

Mirror's Edge I didn't jump on the bandwagon immediately with Mirror's Edge. I heard about this game when a friend of mine had played it, so I thought to give it a try. I was hooked almost instantly. I kept an eye out for the next Mirror's Edge, but was saddened by the constant canceled, but then not canceled, news that left me wondering if another Mirror's Edge would even come out. Then there was E3 2013, and the next Mirror's Edge game was shown - well, a teaser was shown. Either way, it got me incredibly excited because I love the first game immensely. I can't wait for this next game and I hope they make it an even more awesome game than the first. Dragon Age: Inquisition I have to thank Mike for suggesting the Dragon Age franchise to me. I borrowed both Origins and Dragon Age 2 from him and got hooked on Origins really fast. It didn't take me very long to play through it. Dragon Age 2, while people don't like it very much, was a game I did enjoy. Sure, it didn't have the fantastic RPG elements that Origins had, but I enjoyed the combat that Dragon Age 2 had to offer. Now there's Dragon Age: Inquisition. Because of the large differences between Origins and Dragon Age 2, I hope they find a good balance between both games that makes Dragon Age: Inquisition amazing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Halo 5 How could I not be excited for more Halo? 343 Industries took a franchise that I thought was over and did an amazing job with it, offering up more lore that means more games. I can never get enough of Master Chief so I'm very excited for Halo 5. Sure, I'm not surprised that it's coming out since Halo 6 has been announced as well, which I will also be excited for once it gets closer to its release date. But until then, I am interested to see what 343 will do next, especially with how Halo 4 ended that had me holding back tears.

– Anthony Manosalva

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt This is a title that has received plenty of attention since E3 2013, and it deserved every second of it. With lush and detailed graphics that only the latest graphics processing technology can produce; a mature-themed, meticulously crafted story filled with political intrigue that doesn't insult the sensibilities of the mature gamer; well designed RPG mechanics and fun gameplay; and a cast of likable and memorable characters; The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt promises to be the best of the venerable trilogy as it introduces a vast open-world to the franchise for players to explore and immerse themselves within. Quantum Break Developer Remedy Entertainment has a bold vision. The premise that fuels their creativity is the belief that by merging the two mediums of a video game with a television show, they can create an experience that is both novel and unique. Quantum Break for the Xbox One is the realization of this vision. With their track record of combining immersive storytelling with stylish gameplay, they may just pull it off. Also, if the demos we've seen are an accurate representation of the graphical fidelity in the game, then we are in for a dazzling visual treat. Quantum Break is poised to be a killer app for Microsoft's next-generation console.   Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag It was a tough decision deciding between this and Watch Dogs until I watched an extended gameplay demo for Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag a few weeks back. My mouth is still agape as I write this. Ubisoft appears to have taken the familiar and brilliant sandbox open-world design of the franchise's previous installments and transformed it into a sandbox open-sea adventure with endless possibilities. My only dilemma now is deciding which version of the game to get. Should I get the PC version and play it powered by the powerful GTX 760, or should I wait to purchase a copy for that shiny, new Xbox One I will be expecting to arrive in late November? Decisions, decisions....

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