Game Tangents’ Most Anticipated Games – Nick and Mike

In the Game Tangents Podcast - Episode 48, we discussed our most anticipated games due for release in the near future. We limited our selections to games officially announced, not games we want to see come to fruition, regardless of platform. The following is designed to give each individual G-Tan staff member the opportunity to expound a little about their most anticipated games, starting with Nick and Mike.

– Nick Cepeda

South Park: The Stick of Truth As a very big South Park fan, there's a really big reason why this game has caught my attention. For the first time ever, we're getting a full fledged South Park game that show creators Matt and Trey have overseen and helped develop from day 1. We can create our own character, venture the streets of South Park, experience the quality of a regular episode, and it's all bundled in an RPG by the nice folks at Obsidian. Can we ask for more? Just a release date and I'll live.     Tom Clancy's The Division I didn't think Ubisoft could impress me again for a second E3 in a row, but this year they showed off The Division. Although I'm not usually into MMO's, The Division somehow seems much different than the rest and seems to be built more around the next-gen console structure. It may be too early to tell, but just the little bit that we've seen so far has got me extremely interested in what The Division has to offer.   Titanfall This one is a no-brainer. Anyone not excited for Titanfall is just lying to themselves. For Respawn Entertainment to leave Infinity Ward and deliver such an impressive display that combines such a tight shooter with Mirror's Edge like mechanics leaves me in awe. PLUS MECHS! The dynamics shown so far between being a regular foot soldier and someone in a Titan is intriguing considering you're not obligated to pilot the Titan at all times. Interesting enough, even though Titanfall is multiplayer only, they will be implementing lots of story elements to still give you a somewhat vivid campaign. I have yet to get my hands on Titanfall, but I look forward to that day.

– Mike Arevalo

Contrast I'm a huge platforming fan and when I saw Contrast I was intrigued by it's style and unique twist. It adds the ability to use shadows as a means of platforming to reach what seems unreachable. This idea, along with the 1920s artistic style, has peeked my interest and I am very excited to see what this game will be like once it is released.   Infamous: Second Son After seeing how great Infamous 2 was with the advancements in open world and the superpowers, Infamous: Second Son seems like it will be a kick-ass action game, and one with amazing graphics. Troy Baker voicing the lead character also makes this game worth being excited for.   Neverending Nightmares There isn't much known about this game aside from a teaser trailer, but even in that I noticed the unique art style along with a great premise for the story involving mental illness and not knowing who you are. There's not much I can say about this game, but I'm interested to learn more.

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