10 Games that Define My Childhood – Taylor

Halo: Combat Evolved
There couldn't be a list of my childhood games without adding Halo: Combat Evolved to the list. This game had picked up enough buzz in the gaming community for my dad to bring it home to play himself. I don't even remember if he played through the entire game when he brought it home; what I do remember is my brother and I playing a lot of co-op. We didn't actually finish the entire game together, at least not until I went through it once in the single-player campaign first; and finishing a game solo was a first for me with Halo so I made a big deal of it at the time.
SSX Tricky
SSX was such a fun game, I have already considered buying it for the original XBOX so I could play it again. This was a game that my brother and I played religiously, and got some of our neighbors (at the time) into. The crazy, dangerous, and impossible moves, plus the music like good ol' Run DMC, made this game a blast. It was such a shame that the reboot SSX didn't capture the fun, and somewhat ridiculousness of SSX Tricky that I was hoping for.
Unreal Tournament 2004
Not going to lie, when Steam had Unreal Tournament 2004 on sale, I leapt at it with my credit card because I loved this game so much. Unreal Tournament was the first game I played where it was purely multiplayer. Because of this game Capture the Flag was and is my favorite multiplayer game style. It also had Assault, which was a bigger game that actually had bases to capture and defend. It was a longer match but I enjoyed every minute of it. Almost every night my brother and I were on the 2 computers in the house to play Unreal Tournament 2004.
Time Splitters 2

Oh, Time Splitters 2. This game, my brother, and I were reunited just last year when I re-purchased the game on a whim. Sure enough, my brother was all-in to go through it again. We went through it a lot faster than I remember we did when we were younger. Playing the game after so many years, my brother and I didn't miss a beat. We remembered all the side things you have to do (shoot barrels, etc.) and remembered most of what we had to do. It's funny how that can happen with a game after such a long gap in-between play-throughs.
Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver
My explanation for this one? Well, my brother liked Hot Wheels, so my dad got him this game, and it ended up being a great way to spend time. You are a toy Hot Wheels, going through the track in a kid's bedroom. This game was a ridiculous amount of fun for what it was.
Crimsonland was a game my brother and I happened to find on RealArcade; my family had a subscription to that service to play a free full game every month. This game is hard to describe. It's a top-down horde mode type shooter that you can play local co-op in. I would use WASD on the keyboard while my brother would use the number keys, and we would spend a lot of time daily just playing this game. It had different weapons, upgrades, etc., to keep the experience from being repetitive. A lot of google searching went into the game title since I didn't remember it, but it's a game that stuck with me so I had to include it in this list.
GTA Vice City
GTA has a bad reputation of being the scapegoat to violence these days, but I was one of those kids playing this game non-stop without any real-life violent tendencies. GTA Vice City had so much you could do as you attempt to take over the city. Who didn't love running people over and causing all sorts of havoc? Sure, going back to it now, the graphics are mediocre, but that doesn't bother me enough that I couldn't still play this game. I did go back to it a year ago, but after 30 hours my save got corrupted and I haven't gone back since.
Simpsons Hit & Run
This game was one that my neighbors got me into. Their family were big fans of the show, and I didn't religiously watch The Simpsons so my knowledge of this game was minimal. You run around this game as different Simpsons characters doing a lot of different types of missions, either in the character that corresponds to the character or on foot. It is basically The Simpsons version of Grand Theft Auto, so I was all in. There were missions to do, but let's face it, the most enjoyable parts are in the cars when you can just run people over.
Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow
What young kid wasn't playing Pokemon on their Gameboys? I was definitely doing it. I took my Gameboy Color/Advance/SP (depending on what was out) with me everywhere and I always took Pokemon. I played Emerald and Ruby, but my heart was with Red, Blue, and Yellow. I still have my Blue cartridge and my Pokemon are about the highest level; it just shows how much time I put into that game. I just need to put batteries in my Gameboy SP and I could go into it again.
Fuzion Frenzy
Last but not least, there's Fuzion Frenzy. No sleepover with my neighbors went without Fuzion Frenzy. This game had so many different game types that it was impossible to be bored, and we weren't. More hours than I am willing to figure out went into playing this game and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was, and probably still is, a great game to play with friends all in the same room. Playing with the AI isn't as exciting, so it's not a game I enjoyed playing alone.

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