Video Game Innovations: The Good


We’ve seen a lot of innovations come and go through the years in the video game industry; some good, some bad. Here, we picked a few that we think changed the video game industry for the better.


1. The Analog Sticks

We first saw the analog sticks with the Nintendo 64 and the release of Super Mario 64. Thanks to the analog stick, players got the ability to go in all directions rather than simply up, down, left, and right. It was just a start, and now there’s not one controller that goes without it.


The right analog stick didn’t make its appearance until the days of the PlayStation, and it revolutionized console gaming. For the first time ever, console gamers were able to see the world as PC gamers. With the right analog stick, we were finally able to fine-tune console shooters and open up worlds to a much larger scale, instead of simply sticking to 2-D and on-rail arenas. We, as console gamers, were able to experience a much more expansive world all because of this second analog stick.


2. Gaming Peripherals

To be specific, the modern gaming peripheral devices beginning with the current XBOX Kinect, and soon to be passing generation of consoles like the Nintendo Wii. Peripherals like the Kinect 2.0, Oculus Rift, and Virtuix Omni, will hopefully open up the world of gaming to something completely new. Only time will tell.


3. Using a gun rather than a controller

I’ve mentioned my enjoyment of games like House of the Dead before, so it’s hard to say this wasn’t a good innovation. We first saw this back in the Duck Hunt times, but being able to use a physical gun to play a game immersed you into the environment a little more. It was a hit with arcades, but even now you can buy specific equipment for consoles to play games like House of the Dead right at home. Could you imagine playing Duck Hunt with just an analog stick? It would take away from the experience, and not make it as fun.


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