E3 2013: EA Press Conference


Here’s a quick, live synopsis of the latest and biggest announcements from EA’s E3 2013 Press Conference.


  • Garden Warfare – New Plants vs. Zombies, a third-person action title for Xbox One and PS4
  • Peggle 2 was announced, as well
  • Star Wars: Battlefront using Frostbite engine 3
  • Need for Speed: Rivals will use All-Drive feature, games can start in single-player and end up in multiplayer
  • A new movie called Need for Speed (based on the game) will come out in 2014
  • Dragon Age Inquistion – will launch in the Fall of 2014. Morrigan is Back
  • BounceTek will bring realistic dribble physics to NBA Live 14 on next-gen platforms
  • Improved realism in physics engine will bring a “closer to NFL experiecne” for Madden 25 on next-gen systems
  • 4X more calculations per second will bring greater depth of gameplay for FIFA 14 on next-gen systems
  • Commander Mode allows players tactical control in Battlefield 4, and it is compatible with tablets and can be accessed on-the-go; the game will feature fully destructible cities a buildings
  • Mirror’s Edge is back, and will release when “it’s ready”

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  1. Ah yes, Plants vs. Zombies, one of my casual guilty pleasures… Though I didn’t like DA2 as much as DA1, I still look forward to the 3rd game. I probably won’t get it on release but once the price drops to $20-$30 I’ll go for it. Which reminds me, i’m up for a video card upgrade.

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment. You should check out the video on Plants vs. Zombies(if you haven’t already). It’s third person action like Orcs Must Die. Also, I here the Geforce 780 is available for about $650.

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