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On the Game Tangents Podcast episode 35, we made some E3 predictions concerning the press conferences for Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, and EA. After ruminating on these issues for a few days, I have come up with a few revisions and additions I would like to share in the dwindling hours before the spotlight of scrutiny turns on for E3 2013 on Monday, June 10.




Sony sure did have a great press conference showing in February, 2013, but are they going to repeat that performance at E3. The answer to this question really depends on your inclination toward the PlayStation brand, but I predict that the answer lies somewhere in between yes and no. Sony showed a lot during the previous event, maybe too much. Therefore, it is safe to say that they will expound upon what they have already demonstrated concerning PS4 titles. Expect to see a lot of game play for PS4 first-party exclusive games previously revealed. Sony is going to be highly motivated to promote their system as the consumer’s choice for superior graphics, once again.


Remember all the negative rumors surrounding the Xbox One which were recently answered by Microsoft? Isn’t it strange how some of those rumors seem to have not lingered over into Sony’s camp? We should expect Sony to make a few formal announcements about the nature of their DRM policy, used games, and online connectivity for their next-generation console. Up to this point, Sony has displayed deft caginess in how they have answered questions about these issues. Now it is about time to be pithy and direct with their answers.


If Sony is about to announce some new games for the PS4, don’t expect them to be properties we don’t already know about. A new Uncharted game, which may or may not have a 4 at the end of the title, will be revealed. Also, The Last Guardian will emerge like a phoenix as a PS4 title. Just don’t expect for it to release anytime before 2015.


Because Sony concentrated heavily on the PS4 during the February conference, expect to see plenty of coverage for the PS3 at this year’s E3. The PS3 still plays a vital role in Sony’s overall financial success and business strategy for the upcoming holiday season. Sony knows Microsoft doesn’t have much to offer specific to the PS3’s main competition, the Xbox 360, going into the third and fourth quarters of 2013. Sony is depending on the PS3, not the PS4, to generate revenue at the end of the year, so expect them to exploit the competition’s primary vulnerability. Sony has a slew of top tier games like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and Gran Turismo 6, to demonstrate and occupy a large portion of their show. Given Sony’s penchant for playful fibbing, don’t be surprised to see a PS4 logo during the Gran Turismo 6 demo. They also have the Vita to concern themselves with. Expect to see the announcement of Vita/PS4 bundles during their E3 conference.


Recently, Sony made a calculated claim that they have 40 titles to show at E3. Immediately, PlayStation brand loyalists interpreted that as 40 exclusive games. If you believe this, get ready to be disappointed. Those games are across all platforms: multi-platform games, Vita, PS3 and PS4. This is a pretty standard lineup for E3.


Sony is going to have a great show, just don’t expect any major, surprising announcements; expect to see a lot of focus on the current-generation. Finally, Sony is going to drop the price of the PS3 250GB to $200. This will put them in prime position to counter Microsoft’s current-gen price drops.




Nintendo infamously announced they will abstain from appearing at this year’s E3 via press conference. Instead, they have opted to make their E3 announcements through their signature Nintendo Direct online videos. This decision has been met with both consternation and ambivalence, and has been the subject of controversy amongst the fans. Although using pre-recorded video to make major game announcements may seem impersonal, it does not impugn the quality and spirit of the information disseminated. Translation… Nintendo is going to have a great show.


Observing the Wii U’s dwindling sales, and the hardcore gamer’s waning faith, Nintendo knows they have a lot to lose at this year’s E3. This is why they are going to inundate our senses with games, for both the Wii U and 3DS. Expect to see the reveal of the realization of a true next-gen HD Zelda and Metroid Prime, both incorporating the Wii U GamePad in innovative and novel ways. New Super Mario Galaxy games will be coming to Wii U and 3DS, as well, and Mario Kart Wii U and Smash Bros titles will be prominently demonstrated. Nintendo knows they have to rely on the strength of their first-party library, but they also know that they need new properties to stay fresh and competitive. Get ready for something entirely new from Nintendo which is designed to make full use of the Wii U GamePad. It has been a long time coming.


When the 3DS was struggling after launch, Nintendo dramatically reduced its price, offered some free giveaways, and relaunched the system. Expect Nintendo to do the same with the struggling Wii U. We will see a price reduction of $100 for both SKUs, some free games, either packed-in or online, and a renewed focus on the Wii U hardware instead of the GamePad. Surely, by now, Nintendo is aware that early marketing for the Wii U only served to confuse the average consumer into believing the GamePad was just a peripheral for the original Wii, which was already considered obsolete at the time. This needs to be rectified fast, and Nintendo has already demonstrated that they know just what to do when the situation appears dire.


E3 2013 is shaping up to be the most exciting gaming event in recent memory, one that promises to deliver brilliantly upon the fans’ mounting anticipation. We stand at a pivotal moment for the video game industry, painted with an uncertainty surrounding the new technologies, and peppered with curious conjecture about what the future holds.


My final prediction is that every press conference will deliver eminent entertainment value, and that E3 2013 will be an event that gamers won’t soon forget.


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These are just a few predictions about this year’s highly anticipated E3 which are completely based entirely on rumor and speculation. That’s what makes it fun.

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