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On the Game Tangents Podcast episode 35, we made some E3 predictions concerning the press conferences for Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, and EA. After ruminating on these issues for a few days, I have come up with a few revisions and additions I would like to share in the dwindling hours before the spotlight of scrutiny turns on for E3 2013 on Monday, June 10.




Several weeks ago, a rumor began circulating that Respawn Entertainment’s new game was going to be an Xbox One exclusive. In an example as to the potential accuracy of some of these predictions, the news released this week showed that this was partially true. Respawn’s new IP, Titanfall, will release on Xbox 360, PC, and Xbox One. Since the game will release for the 360, it may also come out for the PS3. However, it was reported that the Xbox One version is a next-generation exclusive, since it requires the processing power of Microsoft’s newfangled cloud service. We should expect to see much more at Microsoft’s press conference this coming Monday morning.


Microsoft has already announced that they have 15 new first-party games coming to Xbox One. We already know about Forza 5, Quantum Break and Ryse, and Microsoft did tease a new Rare classic franchise will be resurrected and announced at this year’s event. We should expect to see a new Killer Instinct announced for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Also, don’t be surprised if a new Banjo-Kazooie game sneaks in there as well.


Since most of the attention has been focused on the next-generation, we shouldn’t be remiss in paying attention to current-generation games and systems considering how large their install bases are. Many games coming out to Xbox One may also find their way to the 360. Several years ago, Microsoft vowed that they would bring a new Halo game to their console every year, just like with Activision and the Call of Duty series. We now know that the previously leaked Halo: Spartan Assault is a smaller scale twin-stick shooter for Windows 8 platforms and tablets. So what Halo game will be announced for this year on consoles? Fans should expect that Halo 2 Anniversary or Halo 4: ODST will be announced for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One with cross-platform multiplayer and will come out when the Xbox One launches in November.


Typically, game and console developers like to gauge the climate of their fan’s temperament by allowing rumors to metastasize and voices to be heard over the internet. This way they can get a feel for what potential price points will be marketable for their new hardware, like Microsoft did with Kinect. This time around, however, I believe that Microsoft knows exactly what price they want to sell the Xbox One for at launch, and they will share this information with the fans at E3. It will retail for $450 here in the U.S., and the Xbox 360 will see a price drop to $200 for the 250GB version, and $130 for the 4GB version.


The last prediction for Microsoft at E3 2013 is that they are going to have an excellent show. They are going to listen to the fans, and they are going to stay focused on the games. Many of those games will be for the hardcore, not just for the Kinect. Some of those games will be new franchises we simply cannot predict. Microsoft has already made their bluff, now it is time to show their hand. I suspect they holding onto a few aces we don’t know about yet.


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These are just a few predictions about this year’s highly anticipated E3 which are completely based entirely on rumor and speculation. That’s what makes it fun.

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