The Future of PlayStation


Sony has set the stage for a future console battle of epic proportions. The stage is set and the bar has been raised after a very impressive showing of the PlayStation 4, a console “by game creators, for game creators.” It was pretty much expected that when Sony announced a meeting to discuss the future of PlayStation, the PS4 announcement was going to be made. If you’ve somehow managed to miss any of the coverage about the PS4, then you’re in luck beacause we have you covered. Here’s our breakdown to what was announced.


The Hardwarespecs


*Supercharged PC Architecture

*X86 CPU (8 Cores)

*Enhanced PC GPU (1.84 teraflops)


*Built in storage HDD




What does this mean? A much richer, vivid graphical experience that shatters gamers’ expectations. Industry veteran, Mark Cerny, is the lead architect for this behemoth.  He says the goal of the PS4 is “freeing developers from technological barriers.” There are 5 pillars of focus for the PS4:  Simple, Immediate, Social, Integrated, Personalized.



DualShock 4 and the PlayStation Eye


controller01Both the DualShock 4 and new PlayStation Eye were revealed showing off some new features. The first being the redesigned DualShock controller sporting a touchpad in the center (similar to the back of the Vita), as well as the new “share” and “option” buttons. Now I’m still a bit unclear of what the full use of the touchpad will be, but be sure we’ll see some more action from it this coming year. The share button offers new features as part of the social aspect of the PS4. With the share button you’re able to post clips or screenshots of gameplay on Facebook or stream your game over Ustream for all your friends to see.

Need to buy a headset for your PS4? Not anymore! The newly designed controller has a built in speaker and headset jack. The new controller also sports a light sensor for use with the redesigned Eye.


camera1The PlayStation Eye looks a little like the Kinect, to be completely honest. It shows off two wide angled cameras as well as voice and facial recognition software to log you straight into your PS4 when you’re ready to game. Like I said before, it’s the Kinect….for PlayStation.

One of the most impressive features is something similar to what’s found in Ultrabook laptops these days. The PS4 offers a new mode that allows players to start a game, put the system in a sort of sleep mode and suspend their game, and come straight back into the action with a simple press of the power button. Sony also did imply using this feature to make background downloads or even for remote play use.


Socialize, Integration, Personalized


gaikai1Did I mention remote play before? This is taking the remote play we saw before to a much larger scale. Sony’s partnership with Gaikai is allowing the system to do much more than ever before. Tired of having your PS4 hijacked by the family? Why not just stream your game to your PS Vita and finish your game. I know, I know, the PS3 already has this feature, but not to the same scale we’re being offered here. Think of something similar to the Wii U, being able to play any PS4 game on the go with your Vita. With Gaikai, we can finally try a game (not play a demo) for a short time to see if you really want to invest in it after all. With this streaming technology we can also start a game up and play while the game finishes downloading. Other impressive features include the ability to take over your friends’ games (with approval more than likely) or let them watch you play so they can give you tips on that boss you just can’t beat.

Socializing has never been more connected. Taking a page out of Microsoft’s book, Sony mentioned having the ability to use your computer/tablet/smartphone as a second screen for your PS4, allowing you to watch your friends’ videos, streams, pictures, or even just start downloading that game you want to play when you get home.

Part of Sony’s plan for personalization features are to download and predict what the players want to play and see. Not much was really said about this, but it sounds interesting enough.

For now the PS4 is set to release Holiday 2013. And that’s your basic breakdown of the PS4. Some games were shown and if you want to read about them, visit our PS4 Games Breakdown.

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